Pugmire Bird Families – Community Birds

I have to admit this was the hardest one to write (hence why it’s last) and I have to give some credit to my wife for helping me on this one. When designing races for games like this, most players , like me, expect to see at least one race that gains a bonus to each stat. That means there must be a bird family that get’s a +2 to Wisdom. And who better to get a +2 to wisdom than owls? Well as it turns out owls are really in a class of their own, and no other bird is known for being “wise” in the same way that owls are. The more I researched them, I realised that owls could fit into almost any category anyway. Some are large, some are small, some are very beautiful, and so on. So I moved on from my pre conceived notions and landed on community birds.

This may seem like a “duh” moment to some but I legitimately toiled over this family. Community birds are quite wise and they exhibit group behavior and rely heavily on instinct. This makes a lot of sense (to me) when applying the wisdom aspect of “street-smarts”. Time and again, I have pointed out that most actual species of birds can fit into any of the bird families, just as you can, and should be able to do so in pugmire proper. Community birds are no exception. Flamingos to me stand out the most. In fact, now my wife want’s to play a Flamingo judge in the world of pugmire :)

The Google sheet with all the rules

Community Birds:
Community Birds have been known to live in groups long before the bird races began working together. Many of the early tribes started out as pockets of community birds who recognised the value of a larger bird society in the face of dog and cat society. Community birds excel at management and coordination. They also have a particular aptitude for magic. This leads them to be hospitaliers, and business owners buy trade.
Examples: Ducks, Pipers, Geese, Starlings, Flamingos
Ability Bonus: +2 to Wisdom
First Trick: Flock

Community Bird Tricks:

Aggressive protection:
The Community bird with this trick may, at the start of the initiative round, use their reaction to move up one tick on the Initiative tracker.

Danger Call:
If a Community bird with this trick is alerted to danger (usually from a successful perception check), they may freely alert all others to the danger and negate the surprise round if ambushed.

Community Call:
The Community bird with this trick may create a language that they can share with up to 4 others. The 4 chosen must be taught this language and must have an intelligence score of at least 6. This language is ONLY known by the 5 characters. This language may only be spoken by birds but may be understood by anyone.

Community birds with this trick gain a +1 to defense when they are within 5 ft of one ally.

A Community  Bird with this trick may take a short rest while flying

Move as one:
The Community Bird with this trick may take their action to disengage and grant all allies within 30 ft the ability to move 10 ft – this 10 ft movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. The Community bird may do this once per short rest.

Community birds with this trick receive a 1d4 bonus to all non-attack Constitution checks and saving throws.

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