Pugmire – Bird Families (Diminutives)

I knew I wanted the smaller birds to be represented as the ones who were more dexterous. After all – is there a more dexterous bird than the hummingbird? In this family, I wanted to represent that so I decided to make a trick where the Diminutive could fly and fight at the same time. This left me with a question – should all birds be able to do that? I decided “no” because that’s the really clear advantage to playing a bird over a dog. So I have decided that birds can melee each other while both are flying, or both on the ground, anyone on the ground can shoot at a bird in the sky, but not all birds can shoot while flying. After I made this decision mechanically, I really felt like it fit thematically as well. I consider it possibly as difficult as running while shooting, or riding while shooting.

Another thing I added was the ability to use a musical instrument as a magic focus – I just thought I’d be remiss if they weren’t also songbirds :)

Diminutives are birds who are usually small and agile. They stand no taller than 1.5 meters and have the unusual quickness of body and mind. These birds have fit in well among bird society as messengers, merchants, performers and artisans. Most Diminutives are seen as welcoming, and friendly once you get past their skittish tendencies.
Examples: Chickadee, Sparrow, Finch, Hummingbird, Budgie
Ability Bonus: +2 to Dexterity
First Trick: Natural Camouflage

Diminutive Tricks

Natural Camouflage:
The Diminutive with this trick may make a hide check as a bonus action rather than a regular action.

Natural Charisma:
The Diminutive may add 1d4 to any non-attack charisma check or saving throw.

Hard Target:
The Diminutive’s Defense is increased by +2 vs all creatures that are larger than medium.

The Diminutive with this trick may attack ground targets while flying.

Lightning strike:
The Diminutive who takes this trick may make a 2nd attack as part of an ambush round, WITHOUT Advantage. They may take the 2nd shot whether the 1st one hits.

Seeds and berries:
The Diminutive with this trick can gain a +2 on survival checks to search for food. They may instead automatically succeed on such a check to provide food for themselves only.

The Diminutive with this trick can gain proficiency with one musical instrument of their choice and may use it as a holy instrument or masterwork focus for spells. When they use it to cast spells, they receive a +1 bonus to the difficulty to resist their spells.

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