Pugmire Bird Families – Paradise Birds

Macaws, in particular, are known for their bright plumage, so it made perfect sense to give them a +2 to Charisma and make them the poster child for that type of bird family. One thing I did notice while making this family is that up until this point we only had two real spellcasters: Artisans and Shepherds. When looking at the build options within the quick start rules, it’s easy to see that these can be built like classic Wizards, Clerics, and Bards. What I’m not seeing in the quick start rules (not yet), is Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Paladins. That is to say; I’m not seeing any Charisma based spell casters. This may or may not come up int he final product, but I aim to help create these at least for my own Pugmire game that I plan on running each month.

I figure I could make a class or two surrounding the Charisma stat, but for now, I’ve allowed the Magic using Paradise bird to simply substitute their CHA score while gaining some versatility in their level 0 spell kits.

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Paradise Birds:
Paradise Birds are known for their beauty and the plumage. Usually suited for diplomatic roles, these birds are the main reason that bird society exists at all. Early on in bird culture, these charismatic creatures quickly realized the value of banding together and assisted in the formation of the main Bird governments, as well as the main trades and trading laws. Their ability to mimic is 2nd to none, and some say the main reason why other races are accepting of the birds at all.

Examples: Macaws, Cockatiels, Bird of Paradise, Parrot
Ability Bonus: +2 to Charisma
First Trick: Mimic

Paradise Bird Tricks:

Paradise birds with this trick gain a +1 bonus to the magical healing effects that they cast

Beautiful Magic:
The Paradise bird who takes this trick may substitute their CHA score for their WIS or INT for magic casting ability. If the bird has Focus Magic, choose and gain 3 incantations to add to their spell list. If the bird has Prayers of Man, they may choose 3 hacks.

The paradise bird with this trick may spend a bonus action to grant all allies within 10 feet a +1 to their next attacks

Paradise birds with this trick gain proficiency with a melee weapon of their choice. When they are the only creature within 5 ft of their target, they gain a +2 to attack and damage.

The Paradise Bird with this trick is able to mimic sounds and voices quite well. If an attempt is made to deceive an opponent who is not looking at the Bird, she may gain advantage on the deception roll.

A Paradise Bird with this trick gains advantage on diplomacy to improve an opponent’s attitude toward her.

Superior flight:
The Scavenger with this trick receives a 1d4 bonus to all non-attack Dexterity checks and saving throws.

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