Pugmire – Bird Families (Raptor)

Early On I realized that I would need to incorporate flying somehow, and while I realize it might give birds a massive advantage in combat, I think allowing them to fly still fits within the world of Pugmire. That’s why I wrote into the Raptor the ability to do a diving charge, using the Pugmire rules of 4 legged travel to translate to flying speed for birds. I haven’t brought up any altitude limits yet, but I get the feeling it won’t really help the game be better by adding restrictions. The whole document can be viewed here.

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Raptors are born killers. Not in an evil sense, but of all the bird families they’re the most built for a life of battle. Taking on the role of Guards, Generals, and Mercenaries, Raptors make good use of their strengths. Make no mistake; just because a raptor is strong, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid. If ever one had to deal with bird society in a military capacity, they would find some of the greater tactical minds.
Examples: Eagles, Hawks, Osprey, Falcons, Owls
Ability Bonus: +2 to Strength
First Trick: Ambush Strike

Raptor Tricks:

Ambush Strike:
The raptor has advantage on all attacks during a surprise round

Bird of Prey:
The Raptor with this trick receives advantage on unarmed attacks.

Diving strike:
The raptor may make a charge attack at his flight speed (flight speed is akin to a dogs 4 legged speed) with a weapon. This attack gains 1d4 damage on a hit.

Intimidating scream:
The Raptor makes a piercing screech toward an opponent. The opponent must make a Wisdom Saving throw vs 10 + the raptors strength modifier or become frightened. The opponent may make the Wisdom saving throw after each turn to shake off the frightened effect. Once overcome, the affected creature is immune to the raptors scream until the next day. The raptor can do this a number of times per day equal to their strength modifier.

Keen vision:
The raptor with this trick can see minute details from great distances. Any raptor who takes this trick can see as any other animal might see through a spyglass. They can notice details at a great distance. (over 300 meters).

Swift Death:
The raptor with this trick can kill an opponent more swiftly than anyone else. If the raptor does enough damage in a single hit to make an opponent’s HP 0, and the remaining damage equals HALF of the opponent’s HP, the opponent dies.

Tactical Mind:
The raptor may add 1d4 to any non-attack intelligence check or saving throw.

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