Pugmire – Bird Families (Scavenger)

We’ve seen the quick start rules for Pugmire (available on Drivethrurpg.com ), as well as the gamma playtest. The Gamerati are currently playing Pugmire every month at our Saturday RPG event in Tacoma Washington (www.meetup.com/gamerati). Those that have seen the art, and played some of the game recognise its potential for other species beyond dogs. It’s been announced that future books for Pugmire will include the nature of cats in this world (Monarchies of Mau), so I thought “Why not birds?” Below is the first of many rules supplements. This week I’ve decided to start with my favorite type of bird: the Scavenger. Scavengers are usually very smart birds, from where I come from (crows) so I decided to make them the wizard/bard type characters. In the coming weeks I’ll be adding more races/breeds/types of birds. Once I believe they are complete I will be adding classes/callings to the mix. I will be keeping everything in a google doc here: Pugmire – Bird Families

Feel free to comment on the Google Doc, and I may make changes as I see fit. Each week I will be releasing more content on gamerati.com and then updating the file once the post has gone live.

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Scavengers are birds who are generally omnivorous and do not hunt on their own. They usually take the role of merchants, barterers, bureaucrats and fences. They’re unusually smart and value creative survival over any other skill. When faced with the prospect of living in a society, Scavengers have had the easiest time fitting in.

Examples: Crows, Ravens, Vultures, Magpies, Condors
Ability Bonus: +2 to Intelligence
First Trick: Eidetic memory

Scavenger Tricks

Adaptable Learner:
The Scavenger may apply half of their proficiency bonus (rounded down) to all non-proficient skill checks.

Carrion Eater:
The Scavenger is immune to ingested poisons and diseases. They may still be affected by magical poisons and diseases. As well as poisons administered by blade or needle.

Eidetic Memory:
The Scavenger has advantage on intelligence rolls to recall something they read, saw, heard or smelled.

Masterwork Knowledge:
The Scavenger may make an intelligence roll (vs 15) to immediately determine all magic properties of a masterwork relic, including how to activate those functions (if appropriate) as well as how many charges are left (if any)

Naturally wise:
The Scavenger with this trick receives a 1d4 bonus to all wisdom saving throws.

Sharp Call:
The Scavenger can be heard over long distances. With this trick, a Scavenger may communicate with another creature one mile away. They will be heard by all other creatures within a mile of the Scavenger. They cannot carry out a full conversation unless the other creature they’re contacting has the same trait.

Survival senses:
The Scavenger has advantage on any smell check (wis) to identify potential food if said food is exposed. This does not work on food that is securely within a rucksack or other container. Food for a scavenger may include carrion, bones, and dead creatures.

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