Regan of Szika (FATE)


art by Shawn Sharp

My name is Regan, and I am a strega. Do not mistake this declaration for pride. It is a warning. No matter what I do now to atone for my 500 years of terror, the darkness remains within me.

How I came to serve the demons of the Shadow is of little importance. As the seventh son of a minor noble house, I stood to inherit nothing. Rather than pursue my ambitions through the tradition of fratricide, I chose another path. I danced in dark rites and learned the names of the five elements. And in the end, I shredded my soul in offering to the Shadow.

The immortality of a demon sorcerer is a constant debt, one I was supremely skilled at paying. Every wicked act, every ounce of hate I evoked from an otherwise decent soul earned me another mote of power. But like all men who crave power, a mote was never enough. I sought to steal the name of one of my masters.

This was a mistake.

I barely held onto my unnaturally extended life. I fled Szika for foreign lands where I might learn other skills with which to protect myself. In lost Argesse, I trained as a dragoon in service to the Queen. My fellow soldiers taught me honor and humility I had never learned. In time, I believed the Shadow had forgotten me and faded from the world.

I was, of course, terribly mistaken. Ten years ago, over my abandoned homeland, a rent appeared in the sky. Demons poured out with bodies of smoke, and the knights and priests of Szika were no match. From its seat in this Shadow Rift, evil spread across the land. I knew that I alone possessed the knowledge and will to stop them.

And so I return to Szika, the land I haunted for so many centuries, to pay my debt again. May the world suffer no more darkness in the name of those I once served. May my blade and my spirit drive the demons out forever. And may I rest when all is done, cleansed of my sins, and burden the living no more.

character sheet and backstory by Paul Stefko
art by Shawn Sharp

Download FATE Character Sheet PDF

Name: Regan of Szika
Refresh: 3

High Concept: Demonbane Warrior
Trouble: Repentant Strega
Other Aspects: Dragoon of Forgotten Argesse; Armed with Sword and Spell; Prepared to Die So Good May Triumph

Great (+4): Fight
Good (+3): Lore, Will
Fair (+2): Athletics, Physique, Ride (replaces Drive)
Average (+1): Deceive, Notice, Provoke, Stealth

Ritualist: You can use Lore in place of another skill during a challenge, allowing you to use Lore twice in the same challenge.

Sorcerous Flame: You can make physical attacks with Lore up to two zones away, but not against opponents in your own zone.

Spell Riposte: If you succeed with style on a defend action using Fight, instead of gaining a boost, you can create a Strega Curse situation aspect on your opponent and gain a free invoke.

Physical: 3
Mental: 4


Regan and Szika are open for your gaming enjoyment. Feel free to create new locations and characters. Use the Shadow Rift in your own game, or make an entire World of Adventure for him to live in. Send me an email with your creations and/or thoughts.


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