She-Spiel with an Ogre (Gamerati News Update)

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Last two winners of the 2016 Spiel des Jahres announced, SFWA will accept game writers, and Steve Jackson’s Ogre and Dynamite’s Red Sonja will get video game adaptations.

Welcome to the Gamerati News Update for Thursday, July 21. I’m Marcelo and here are four gaming news in less than five minutes.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Spiel des Jahres

The most recognizable board game award of the year has selected Codenames as its Game of the Year. Codenames is designed by Vlaada Chvatil and published by his company Czech Games Edition. It’s a deductive word-association game in which two teams compete to identify which secret agents belong to their side by using coded words given by their team’s spymaster, while trying to avoid a hidden assassin.

Another award, the Kennerspiel des Jahres, or Enthusiast Game of the Year, was given to Isle of Skye by Andreas Pelikan and Alexander Pfister, published by Lookout in Germany and soon to be released in the US by Mayfair Games. Isle of Skye is a gorgeous tile-placing game for 2–5 players. Congratulations to them all.

Source: Spiel des Jahres

Game writers will now be recognized by the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

Writers who create narratives for video games, table-top roleplaying games and card games will be eligible for admittance to the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America. SFWA President with an awesome name Cat Rambo said she’s “looking forward to the expertise and experience such writers can bring to the organization.”

Prospective members working on games may qualify by showing sale or income from games. You have to have earned at least $3,000 from one 40,000-word script or three 10,000-word scripts. If now word count is possible prospective members can qualify based on one professionally produced full-length game for which they were paid at least $3,000, and with credits to no more than two writers clearly shown on the work.


Steve Jackson’s Ogre will lumber into PC very soon

Ogre, the first and probably most celebrated board game by legendary game designer Steve Jackson will be developed as a strategy PC game by Auroch Digital, a company who has experience bringing board games to the digital realm, as they’re the one behind Games Workshop titles Chainsaw Warrior and Dark Future.

The PC game version of Ogre stems from the very successful Kickstarter for Ogre – Designer’s Edition that SJG ran in 2012. You can expect the futuristic tank warfare game heavily hitting Steam in 2017.

Source: Kickstarter

Keeping with video game adaptations of beloved licenses, Red Sonja is finally getting some digital love

Dynamite Entertainment, the company who currently owns the publishing rights to the She-Devil With a Sword, has partnered with F84 Games and Red Sonja, LLC to create a video game featuring the deadliest woman of the Hyborian Age.

Right now, very little is known of the game, even for which platforms it’ll be released, apart from a tentative winter 2016/2017 release, but they’ve already started with good news: Gail Simone will be supervising the plot, characters, and worldbuilding. Simone was pretty much the person who single-handedly revitalized the character when she took over writing duties for the Dynamite comic in 2013.

Source: ICv2

Alright, four news about games. I kinda compensated for the lack of video game news Monday, although I sorta cheated talking about a board game adaptation and mixing things up with my other obsession, comic books, but you understand, right? Right?

OK. I’ll go now. See you back here Monday, though!

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