Summer Fun in the Dungeon

Summer’s here and the time is right for vacations, car trips, sitting poolside, camping, and (of course) dungeon delving! But sometimes the littlest adventurers want to play, too . . . so what’s a game-mastering parent to do? The answer, of course, is give them their own dungeon adventure. Dungeoneering 101 is an activity and coloring book for ages 6-and-up featuring puzzles and illustrations by long-time friend to young gamers, Stan! (Pok√©mon Jr. Adventure Game, The Littlest Shoggoth, Warriors Adventure Game, and more).

“The first D&D book I ever owned was the 1979 Official Dungeons & Dragons Coloring Album,” says Stan!, “and I’ve always wanted to bring that kind of product back for today’s gamer kids.”

Dungeoneering 101 is available for download from Rogue Genius Games via It contains five activities (a word scramble, maze, crossword, ad-lib adventure, and word find) with five related full-size coloring pages for just $1.99.

Gamerati kids, however, can get their dungeon delving starter early with this preview coloring page:


I want more!

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