The best games about gods out there (Gamerati News Update)

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Welcome to the Gamerati News Update for Thursday, 18th of August. I’m Marcelo and here are four news about gaming.

Onyx Path releases a preview of the Storypath System, which will run under the hood of the new editions of Scion and Trinity.

The first editions of the Trinity Continuum and Scion originally published in 1997 and 2007 used custom variants of the Storyteller System which powered Vampire: The Masquerade and other classic White Wolf games. But the Storyteller System was designed chiefly as a horror game for creatures that were supernatural but not superhuman — or god-like

So the Storypath System was designed as a new set of rules, inspired by the legacy of the Storyteller and Storytelling systems, in addition to other story-centric rules as you would expect from Onyx Path. This new system keeps the focus on narrative, story-built play, and action-adventure but it also draws inspiration from a number of other influences that focus on a cinematic high-octane action, something that’s at the core of Trinity and Scion.

You can pick up the free preview PDF of the Storypath System through this link.

The remake of the movie Clue might be coming from Fox.

If you complain that movies based on the board games Battleship or Monopoply don’t make much sense, I won’t argue with you, but Hasbro is licensing their boardgames to Hollywood for a long time. Probably the most famous — or infamous — is the 1985 comedic adaptation of Clue by Jonathan Lynn, with script by John Landis and starring Chrisopher Lloyd, Madelaine Kahn, and Tim Curry, amongst others.

A remake is in the works for years now, originally at Universal, with Gore Verbinski attached, but now things might be coming along from 20th Century Fox with producer Josh Feldman from Hasbro Studios (yes, they have a studio now), executive produced by Ryan Jones, and Daria Cercek from Fox.

The original Clue movie is a piece of Hollywood history and was ahead of its time: it had three different endings, depending on which cinema you went to watch it. Do yourself a favor and watch it again — or for the first time — with friends and drinks this coming weekend.

X-Wing: Ground Assault gets it first release!

I talked about this fan project a while ago and I’m happy to report that version 0.1 is available for download. The pack introduces a new set of rules, unit cards, upgrade cards and custom components to effectively bring ground-based units into Fantasy Flight’s X-Wing: Miniatures. This first release focuses on the iconic Battle of Hoth with AT-AT Walkers and Rebel Troopers spread across the battlefield.

You can get this free, fan-made expansion pack for X-Wing: Miniatures at

Become a god and fight for control of the world itself in this board game by Petersen Games.

Glorantha: The Gods War is the newest board game to come out of the head of Sandy Petersen, who you should thank for Call of Cthulhu and many other iconic RPGs and board games. The Gods War comes with gigantic, beautifully sculpted miniatures and takes place at the dawn of time in the world of Glorantha, originally conceived as the setting for the RPG Heroquest.

It’s a competitive strategy game in which 3 to 5 players summon minions and gods, build temples and shrines, cast spells, and send their champions on “heroquests” to gather mystic runes, try to destroy their enemies, and capture their territory. The game is asymmetrical, which means that each faction plays with slightly different rules.

Glorantha: The Gods War is currently on Kickstarter and has surpassed a thousand backers. Follow this link to go to the KS page and become one of those backers.

All right, these are the news I had for your for this episode of Gamerati News Update. You can find links to all the news and a transcript for this show down in the shownotes. One more thing before I go: two days from now, on Saturday, October 20th, there will be a new episode of the podcast The Curators. In there, I interview Sandy Petersen about his work as a designer of games and about Glorantha: The Gods War. You won’t believe where he gets his inspiration from. I’m not telling, you have to listen to it. You can find The Curators at, iTunes, Google Play, and Sticher. I’ll put links to the podcast in the shownotes below so you can subscribe and listen to the episode as soon as it comes out. That’s all. See you again Monday.

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