The Gassy Gnoll: State Your Intentions

When you begin a new tabletop RPG gaming experience, whether it’s a new campaign with new characters, adding a new player to the scene, or new characters to familiar worlds… what are your intentions? Do you even wonder?

intentionIf that seems a curious question, it very well might be. It’s not something I’ve pondered until recently when a random firing neuron caught my attention as we discussed finishing up one campaign and moving on in my group.

First, what are my intentions as a player?

  1. Have fun.
  2. Encourage good storytelling on both sides of the GM screen.
  3. And participate.

Sounds simple, but sometimes it turns out to be less so.

Second, what are my intentions as a character?

  1. Improve
  2. Achieve goals
  3. Follow through

Again, might be deceptively simple. For some of my characters, I wonder at the “why” behind their actions occasionally – especially the one I’m moving back to. So drawing a few lines in the sand may be just what the game doctor ordered.

Seems straightforward enough as a practice. Defining intentions offers a solid way to keep in touch with what you want to accomplish on both sides of the experience (as a player and as a character). Ultimately it’s about having fun, but you don’t want that experience to become stale.

Maybe next week I’ll start examining what some of the goals are for a half-elf sorcerer…

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