The top 4 game and gaming news for Sept 1st, 2016 (Gamerati News Update)

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Welcome to the Gamerati News Update for Monday, September 1st, 2016. I’m Marcelo and I bring four news about games and gaming.

Let me start with a correction: last week I reported a Target-exclusive print of Roll For It! while showing images of two other versions of the game.

Clarifying, the Red and Purple standard versions of Roll for It! as well as the deluxe edition are widely available where games are sold, from your FLGS to Amazon. The two boxes Target will exclusively carry are two new versions of the game, made more affordable and portable. They come in boxes that allows shoppers to view the contents of the game. It includes 24 brightly colored opaque dice, 30 playing cards, and a drawstring bag to store everything in for travel.

So to sum things up. Calliope Games now produces five versions of Roll For It! The deluxe version (which I’m adding to my wishlist), the red and the purple standard versions, and red and purple value editions that are exclusive to Target stores. Target versions are more affordable, coming with opaque dice and a disposable box; MSRP $12. The standard editions come in a sturdy box that doubles as a dice tray, with fancy, eye-catching dice, and high-quality, water resistant cards; MSRP $15. These versions play 2–4 players and red and purple can be combined to up the amount of players to 8. The deluxe edition of Roll For It! comes in a golden tin, which’s flocked inside, so it can be used as a quiet dice tray, comes with all the cards and dice you need to play from 2 to 8 players, high quality, beautifully printed cards, translucent and marbled dice, and an embroidered bag; MSRP $38.

So there you have it, five distinct versions of Roll For It! to fit your budget or scratch that collector’s itch. Thanks to Natasha at Calliope Games for the heads up.

Level 99 Games has picked up Witch Hunt in time for Halloween!

Witch Hunt, designer Kyle Brockman with art by Laura La Vito is a social deduction game in the vein of Are You A Werewolf of Mafia, but it takes those mechanics and tunes them for experienced and competitive gamers. In the game, a group of Villagers must find and lynch the Witches among them during the day, while the Witches kill a target every night. Every character gets a unique power, and unlike similar games, dead players on both teams continue to influence the game from the afterlife as Angels and Demons.

While the commercial release will be in time for Halloween, Level 99 Games will be sending out pre-orders for the game a little earlier. So if you want to be one of those to get Witch Hunt early, you should grab it in their online store at

Witch Hunt is for large groups. It plays 7–22 players. MSRP $25.

The new Pathfinder Player Companion will hunt you from beyond the grave!

It’s one thing to face foes like ravenous beasts, fire-breathing dragons, and marauding monsters, but what about ghosts that can hop from body to body? How do you face a fiend that’s using an innocent pawn as a proxy for its evil? Are there ways being haunted could be turned to your advantage? Prepare yourself for the answers to these questions and more as you explore what it’s like to be a haunted hero in the Haunted Heroes Handbook!

As with all Pathfinder Player Companions, Haunted Heroes is a 32-page staple-bound book that was designed to be used in Pathfinder, of course, but also in any fantasy RPG. MSRP $15. Oh yeah, and Paizo will cover the first $10 in shipping for purchases of $100 or more. So, time to cross out items from that wish list.

THQ Nordic celebrates the 10 years of Titan Quest with a complete overhaul of the game!

It comes in the form of a massive update to the present version of the game and, to top it off, it’s free. It also combines the game with its expansion, Immortal Throne.

Titan Quest is an action role-playing hack-and-slash video game designed by Brian Sullivan  and developed by Iron Lore Entertainment, originally published by THQ in 2006. It follows a player-created protagonist as they navigate Ancient Greece, Egypt and China on a quest to defeat the Titans after they escape from their ancient prison. The gameplay is similar to the Diablo series.

The new update completely reworks the game’s multiplayer, stability, performance, balancing, and AI. It also adds a voice chat, larger screen resolution support, the ability to take in mods, dozens of new heroes and bosses, and integrates the game with the Steam Workshop.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is free to anyone who owns Titan Quest, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne or Titan Quest Gold on Steam. If you pick up a copy of the game, which is 75% off right now, you automatically get the Anniversary Edition.

Alright, those are the news I had for you this fine, fine Thursday morning. You can find links to all the news and a transcript of this show down below in the shownotes, where you can also find a thumbs-up button and a subscribe button that are really useful. If you want more news about games and gaming please like and share this video, that’s what feeds the beast. Have a great end of the week. I’ll see you back here Monday.

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