The top 5 news in gaming this week (Gamerati News Update)

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Welcome to the Gamerati News Update exceptionally on a Friday, 9 of September. I’m Marcelo and here are four news about games and gaming.

You can now play Pathfinder Adventures on your tablet.

Pathfinder Adventures, Paizo’s amazing card game has been adapted for iOS and Android phones by Obsidian Entertainment. Now you can break free from the table and forge your own path as you explore the world of Golarion, defeat evil-doers, and roll your way to victory!

Pathfinder Adventures Mobile is available in the freemium format at the App Store and Google Play. If you’re a seasoned player of the card game or if you’re never played Pathfinder Adventures before, I challenge you to play this game and not get addicted.

Speaking of mobile games, Apple has revealed in their keynote last Wednesday that Mario is on its way to iPhones.

The news was given by Mario father, Shigeru Miyamoto himself. The first ever smartphone game made by Nintendo, Super Mario Run is a straightforward endless running game that nevertheless manages to capture the look and feel of the traditional Mario Bros. games. One of the features showcased is the ability to compete against the time your friends have achieved in different levels. A Mario sticker runs and jumps across the screen to show the moves the friend you’re competing against made.

Super Mario Run arrives in the App Store along with iOS 10, on September 13.

Back to card games. The new Munchkin set will be a Walgreens exclusive.

Steve Jackson Games has revealed that the new Munchkin set, Munchkin Grimm Tidings is exclusive to Walgreen stores. It has fewer cards than an average Munchkin set (114) because it’s designed to be an introductory box. The box, by the way, also contain a regular six-sided die and the rulebook. You also get the usual hilarious illustrations by John Kovalic, this time spoofing the fairy tales typical of the Brothers Grimm, as the title of the set implies.

Munchkin Grimm Tidings is already available at Walgreens. MSRP $19.95. The downside to being a Walgreens exclusive is that Walgreens doesn’t ship internationally, as Target does. JACKSON!

Closing up today’s show, a supplement news. I love supplements. This one is for Viticulture.

The next boxed set for Stonemaier Games’ Viticulture is called Tuscany Essential Edition, and comes with the original Extended Board, Special Workers, and Structures expansions. Viticulture is a worker placement board game that plays in about one hour. The theme, as the name implies, is about a vineyard and wine production in classic Tuscany.

Tuscany Essential Edition has an MSRP of $30. It releases in October. You can pre-order it from Stonemaier Games or through one of the many brick-and-mortar stores that carry the game. You can check out a list of retailers in the link to this news piece in the description below.

There you have it, four news in about four minutes, as usual. Before I go, let me tell you about the Gamerati Game Day sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing. There will be tables reserved for the Pathfinder Society season 8: Year of the Stolen Storm. Pathfinders of all levels will be able to travel to the Elemental Planes, clash with extraplanar rivals, and harness the raw energies of the Inner Sphere. There will be four tables in the morning, three right after lunch, and four late in the afternoon. Visit for more information. The Gamerati Game Day Sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing happens September 24, from 9 AM to 9 PM at First Christian Church in Tacoma, WA.

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