The top 5 tabletop and video game stories, 24 Sept 2016 (Gamerati News Update)

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It’s Thursday, 22 of September. Welcome to the Gamerati News Update.

Tune in to watch AbleGamers compete in the Tiltify Charity decathlon at TwitchCon

Once again the disability charity AbleGamers partners with Twitch and also with Tiltify for the Tiltify Charity Decathlon, a weekend-long fundraising event. From 30 of September to the 2nd of October, leading streamers and AbleGamers advocates will take part in daily charity decathlon rounds in a variety of challenges and games to raise money for their respective charities.

Funds raised throughout the weekend will support the AbleGamers charity mission to enable anyone to game, regardless of their disabilities. If you’re at the show, stop by the Tiltify Charity Plaza, on the 1st floor at the San Diego Convention Center to show your support!

The event will also be held live at TwichCon and on Twitch TV at There are going to be six rounds: one on 30 of September, three on the 1st of October, two on the 2nd of October, plus the finals, also on the 2nd.

Follow the link in the description below for the full schedule and featured streamer.

Fat Goblin Games celebrate their past and pave a new path for the future

Best known for their third party supplements and scenarios for D&D and Pathfinder, Fat Goblin Games has been cranking out books for all kinds of games and genres since 2011. That history is being celebrated in the recently released Goblin Hoarde’s Hoard Bundle. The bundle includes every PDF they released before 2016, including a ton from their partners Abandoned Arts and Tricky Owlbear Publishing. It totals 293 books with over 3,000 pages of content for just $30. You can see the full list following this link, but I’m telling you, there are more than some gems there.

That’s for their past. For the future, Fat Goblin Games has just opened their Patreon page. Called The Goblin Army Patreon, it’s aimed at the die-hard fans and gives back to their dedicated host of followers. Depending on your pledge level, you’ll get diverse levels of involvement in their present and future projects, glimpse at their R&D, Q&A chats with the designers, getting guides and templates Pathfinder and D&D, and even getting yourself drawn in upcoming product.

With the Patreon, Fat Goblin Games aims to get better rates for freelancers and speed up production of new projects and product lines. You can check out their Patreon page at and join the Goblin Army.

Another company reports having trouble with shipment on a Hanjin boat

ICv2 has reported that Atheris Games, a small company from Florida, has their entire shipment of the board game Cul-De-Sac Conquest stranded at sea with no prediction as to when they’ll get delivered.

Cul-De-Sac Conquest met with success on Kickstarter ten months ago. Backers already have their copies with; this shipment would be for a retail release that should’ve happened early this month. With nothing to sell, Atheris Games faces real financial dangers and will have to accelerate their next Kickstarter so, hopefully, they’ll have money to pay the loan they incurred to fund manufacturing and shipping of the retail release of Cul-De-Sac Conquest.

Atheris Games CEO Andrew Birkett told ICv2 that Cul-De-Sac Conquest Kickstarter backers have been supportive and desire to help the company. So keep close attention and consider backing their next game. One could argue that a larger company can take the hit for problems like this, although I would dispute that. What’s indisputable is that small game companies like Atheris Games definitely can’t.

League of Legends crosses over to the tabletop

It doesn’t carry the name League of Legends, though, and the reason is obvious after reading the rulebook. Called Mechs vs. Minions, this board game with highly detailed miniatures doesn’t try to emulate on the tabletop the feel or gameplay of a MOBA — it plays more like the classic Robo Rally . You chose one out of four characters, with your friends controlling a different one each, and you battle game-controled minions. You order command cards on command slots to have your mech move, turn, or fire. If you have commands from the same energy source, you can stack them to create more powerful moves. The board is modular and changes depending on the mission pack you draw.

Polygon has reported that Riot Games have ordered an inicial run of 30,000 copies, a hefty amount for board games. It means the company is pretty confident in their ability to move the product. Looking at the pictures and reading the rulebook, I don’t doubt for a moment that they will.

Mechs vs. Minions will be available on 13 of October through Riot Games’ online store. MSRP is $75.

The Gamerati Game Day sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing is this Saturday, 24 of September. There you can playtest games by Petersen Games, Space Goat Publishing, Frog of What Games, Daily Magic Games, The 13th Age, Ultimate Scheme, and many others, or be part of special events, such as Pathfinder Society Year of the Stolen Storm, Warmachine/Hordes 50 point scramble, or a Dungeon Crawl Classics Tournament. Obsidian Entertainment will be there giving out the previously GenCon exclusive Goblin Golem Obsidian to anybody who has downloaded Pathfinder Adventure Card Game to their tablets or phones, there’s gonna be a Mini Masters Challenge of Oath of the Gatewatch, a demonstration by Grit City HEMA and their martial arts school. It’s the whole day, a lot of things to do.

Gamerati Game Day sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing happens from 9 AM to 9 PM, at First Christian Church in Tacoma, WA. More information at

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