The top game and gaming news for Sept 5th, 2016 (Gamerati News Update)

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Welcome to the Gamerati News Update for Monday, September 5th, 2016. I’m Marcelo and here are four news about games and gaming.

Cubicle 7 starts accepting pre-orders to Player’s Guide to Adventures in Middle-earth

Adventures in Middle-earth makes use of the OGL to bring the look and feel of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy world to Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition. The first release is the Player’s Guide, which comes with Middle-earth setting-specific rules and guidances to create characters and adventure in the world of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

The book is currently on pre-order so Cubicle 7 can gauge the size of the print run. You get the PDF immediately upon purchase, with the physical book coming out later this year, in the fall. Adventures in Middle-earth Player’s Guide price tag is £27. You can also pre-order the Player’s Guide bundled with the Loremaster’s Guide — the book the Dungeon Master will want — for £54. Both books are 224 pages long, full color, and hardcover when released in print.

Although Cubicle 7 experience with their in-house Lord of the Rings system, The One Ring, has informed them on making this D&D version of Tolkien’s setting, they have no intention of letting the ball prop with The One Ring: Horse-lords of Rohan and Journeys and Maps are in stores right now, a supplement for Erebor comes out late this year, and the Adventurer’s Companion will get a PDF in the fall, with a physical book arriving early 2017.

As a South Korean shipping company files for bankruptcy, delivers are delayed and electronics prices threatens to spike. Does it mean anything for board gaming?

South Korea’s Hanjin Shipping Co. has declared bankruptcy last week and stopped accepting cargo, affecting 8 percent of the trans-Pacific trade volume for the U.S. market. That won’t affect small electronics, which are usually shipped from Asia in planes, but TV sets, clothes, cars, and toys are transported in giant container ships. Ports all over the Pacific are refusing to accept docking for offload out of fear that that tugboat pilots or stevedores would not be paid. That’s creating bottlenecks at very busy port regions such as Southern California.

Since last week, shipping rates have gone up 55% in the affected ocean routes. That means either some products will have an increase in price at the holidays or there will be a dearth in the market because there simply isn’t enough port area to unload.

Our beloved board games and RPGs are mostly printed in China. Will Hanjin’s woes impact games? Maybe. There will be an increase in shipping costs to the companies who print their games in East Asia. If they’ll have to transfer those costs to games, it’s really anybody’s guess. Even if they do, it’ll likely be temporary. Delivers might get delayed, not because of Hanjin directly — they were responsible for 8% of shipping in the region and they went under because there’s overcapacity in the routes — but because of the traffic jams their ships are creating on ports. So again, it’ll really depend of how quick the situation resolves itself. Surely not days; probably more like several weeks, even months.

The Playstation 4 Slim is the worst-kept secret in the video game industry.

Some footage of the rumored PS4 slim have started popping all over the Internet last week. Some kinda bogus, some from reputable sources. It seems it’s really a thing but Sony keeps denying it exists.

Some people are saying those might be stolen products, but what probably happened is that some stores blew the release date. It happens all the times on big-box stores. We could debate why is it that Sony still doesn’t acknowledge the leak, but I think the most interesting story here is, can Sony sue the websites and YouTubers who are clearly driving clicks from the footage of a hardware that was embargoed? Oops. Next story.

OK, so apart from that last news piece about the PS4 Slim (that I never reported on, I don’t know what you’re talking about) The stories today ran a little longer than usual, so I’m going to end with a two-in-one. Two gaming events coming somewhere near you (maybe):

AcadeCon 2016 by the RPG Academy is only a couple of months away. AcadeCon’s primary focus remains tabletop role playing games. But they welcome board games, card games, tactical miniatures games, LARPs, and anything else that gets people together playing games and having fun. This year, it’s happening in Dayton, Ohio, at the Dayton Convention Center November 11th–13th. Go get a badge and more information, visit

If you’re in Washington State, Gamerati presents Game Day sponsored by Panda Game Manufacturing. Gamerati Game Days are a great way for you to meet other people in your community that like to play games. We provide a variety of games to choose from — board games and miniatures, card games and roleplaying games. Come play your favorite game with friends, or meet new people while learning a new game. You’re sure to find something you enjoy. This one’s a little closer, September 24th, from 9 AM to 9 PM, at First Christian Church of Tacoma.

And that is it for today’s Gamerati News Update. You can find links to all the news reported here and a transcript of the show down below in the video description. If you liked what you saw, please share this video with friends and family. You can also subscribe to our YouTube channel and get the videos as soon as they’re released. I’ll be back with another News Update Thursday. Have a great week!

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