Have you ever stepped on a metal d4? (The Curators)

Find out what happens when you leave your expensive dice just lying around in this episode of The Curators! We take a look at Fire of Eidolon, a 16-Bit inspired co-op dungeon board game, Precision Polyhedral Floating Face Dice, made of all kinds of metal, and Evil Dead 2, the official board game! Then we feature Tommy Hall from BackerKit to tell us how the company began and what it stands for in this chaotic crowd-funding world that we live in.

Note: this episode was recorded on the week before July 30th, so the Dev Day we reference has already passed. But you can check when the next one is happening right on Gamerati’s Meetup page: http://www.meetup.com/Gamerati/

LINK TO OUR CURATED PAGE: http://www.kickstarter.com/gamerati

The Curators is sponsored by BackerKit. If you’re planning to crowdfund your project, BackerKit can help you! Check out which companies and designers use BackerKit: backerkit.com/tabletop_games

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The Curators is presented by Marcelo Ferrari and Joey Turco.

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