This game is based on a REAL Nazi camp escape (Gamerati News Update)

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Welcome to the Gamerati News Update for Monday, 22th of August. I’m Marcelo and here are the news.

Escape from Colditz, based its designer’s real escape from a Nazi WWII prison camp, gets a new edition from Osprey Games

Osprey Games will rework and release a new edition to Escape From Colditz. This strategy board game was designed by Pat Reid, a British Army officer who escaped from the real Oflag IV-C POW camp at Colditz Castle in Germany during World War II.

The first edition of the game was published in 1973 and  first published by Parker Brothers in the US. Osprey Games is calling their new edition the 75th Anniversary Edition in reference to Reid’s escape in late 1942. It’ll feature complete new artwork by Peter Dennis, a new set of wooden pieces, and replicas of POW artifacts from Brian Degas’ collection, who co-designed the game.

Escape from Colditz: The 75th Anniversary Edition is expected to hit stores late October. MSRP $65.

Rock Paper Wizard is the new D&D game from WizKids

In the fine tradition of light, quick games such as Three Dragon Ante and Tavern Brawl, WizKids has unveiled Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper Wizard. In this game, 3–6 players are wizards who just defeated a dragon, who left behind a treasure to fight for. Each wizard has a number of cards representing iconic Dungeons & Dragons spells at their disposal. Each card shows a Rock-Paper-Scissors gesture that the player must make to cast, while pointing at another player as the target of the spell. They all do it at the same time, while chanting “rock, paper, wizard!”.

The first wizard to collect 25 gold wins. Expect the game in January, 2017. MSRP $20.

Do you remember those 1980’s computer game of dungeon crawl made entirely on ASCII code? Me neither, but developer Stormcloud Games does and is bringing the style back to PC.

Brut@l, written with an @ symbol instead of the letter A, is a throwback to olden time PC games before 3-D graphics cards and way back when monitors could barely display white pixels on black screens. This roguelike dungeon brawler is almost entirely made with ASCII characters, and invites co-op gameplay.

If you own a Playstation 4, you can already enjoy the mix of vintage and modern of Brut@al since August 9th. The news here is that the game is coming to PC via publisher Rising Star Games. Look for Brut@l on Steam in early 2017.

We’re still going through GenCon hangover so I had only three news for you this fine Monday, but I’ll come back again later this week with more news about games. Before I go, have you listened to the most recent episode of The Curators? It’s a podcast that Joey from Gamerati and me put together twice a month with the hottest games at Kickstarter. In the latest episode, I had the pleasure to interview the legendary Sandy Petersen. Check out this episode from The Curators clicking right here. As for me, I’ll see you Thursday. Have a great week!

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