Warhammer dogfights, dungeon business cards, Medici & Fable Fortune

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Dogfights in the Warhammer sky, Reiner Knizia revisits Medici, dungeon business cards, and Fable Fortune secures funding. Four news in less than four minutes!

The battles in Warhammer 40k take to the skies with Stormcloud Attack

Stormcloud Attack is the new series of miniatures for aerial battles set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Rules for the game include a variety of specific dogfight maneuvers as well as campaign play with mission records and skill improvement for individual pilots.

The first releases include three thematic boxes with two miniatures each, which is all you need to start playing. MSRP $100.

It’s the kind of game with a lot of record-keeping. Fortunately, there are official mobile apps just for that, for Android and Apple devices.

Source: Purple Pawn

Reiner Knizia revisits his board game Medici

Grail Games will release a card game version of Reiner Knizia’s Medici that he also designed. Appropriately called Medici – The Card Game, it’s in 15th century Florence; players try to acquire the most valuable goods for sale by their merchant ships. Goods can be loaded onto a player’s ship, but anything left on the dock can be taken by other players. The most successful merchant wins the game.

Knizia designed this new game to have the same feel as the 1995 board game at the same time being more accessible for newcomers to the hobby. It’s designed for 2–6 players, with matches taking about 30 minutes. Grail Games will only release the game in 2017, but you can play-test it if you visit their booth at GenCon this year.

Source: ICv2

Make business cards great again with dungeon maps printed on their backs

As part of his ongoing Patreon, where he creates fantasy RPG maps and adventures, Dyson Logos has released ten classic-looking dungeon designs that you can print on the back of business cards, making them collectible items.

The dungeons are designed to be interconnected the style of the old D&D Dungeon Geomorphs. They’re free to download and use from rpgcharacters.wordpress.com

Source: Purple Pawn

Fable Fortune secures funding

If you listened to the episode six of The Curators podcast, you heard Joey and me talking about the Kickstarter project Fable Fortune, a digital collectible card game that aims to keep the torch lit in the Fable franchise. It was an ambitious project: with more than 1,500 backers, they had barely made 23% of what they needed.

Last Tuesday, things took a turn for the better. The developers announced they had secured funding for the project elsewhere so they would cancel the Kickstarter. They’ll now focus on creating a beta-version that will, at first, be available for the backers of the original KS and eventually to fans at large on Steam.

It’s good to wrap up this GNU with good news, specially about a video game franchise beloved by so many.

Source: Kickstarter

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