Warhammer Quest [Review]

Warhammer Quest is a tactical adventure game set in the world of Warhammer by Games Workshop. You take control of an adventuring party of 4 warriors and traverse dungeons to complete quests. The Game is turn based and offers quite a bit in the tactics department. You begin the game with four adventurers who have their own unique abilities, though they borrow from existing tropes. You can purchase more adventurers for the game as DLC though it’s not necessary to complete the game.

Warhammer Quest is a great addition to the tactical combat genre. For fans of the original board game, this is a must buy. The gameplay is solid and the addition of animations and audio make this more than just a digital board game.


The game is based on the board game of the same name released in 1995. The Steam version lends itself to be much faster and easier to play by virtue of being digital. The game reminds me of the classic tactics games like Final Fantasy Tactics or XCOM. Those who are familiar with games in that genre will no doubt grasp this game with ease. Newcomers shouldn’t have too hard of a time provided they’re willing to read all about the various abilities and combat options. The game does a good job of cataloging all the necessary details into a handy-dandy journal and the quests are well written. One thing I particularly liked was the random encounters. When you travel from place to place, you might be attacked by bandits or eat a meal with a halfling. Each of these events are described to you and you are given a buff or a de-buff for the next dungeon depending on the outcome. You may even run into some of these random events while in town visiting the market or temple.

After playing for more than a few hours I forgot that the premium DLC stuff even existed. It’s not at all needed, but should provide some lasting fun once the game is completed. Premium items consist of a few “rare” items that add some level 1 power, making your entry into the game easier, some extra quests to keep you playing and new characters that have radically different play styles.


There were only two real issues I had with this game. The first being the epic wall of text that is delivered to the player. Travel to the city, read about the city. Use the market in the city, read about how your adventurer helped an old woman cross the street. Leave a city, read about a possible quest. Level up and read about the adventurer(s) new power or ability. For those without the patience or desire, I can see this as a major turn off. Everything is well written, however so it’s not a pure tedium.

The other issue I have is the repetitiveness I feel when entering a dungeon and fighting monsters. The random events are a nice little diversion, but most of that is spelled out in text. Ambushes occur, but they’re essentially a normal combat at a slight disadvantage. The monsters do vary in type, difficulty and tactics somewhat but I can’t help but feel like the same thing is happening over and over again.


Well designed and polished, this game is a must for fans of the Warhammer world or the tactical combat genre. I had to admit that the $15 price seemed steep especially when I saw the premium add ons, but the more I played the more I realized how much time I could sink into this title.

I want more!

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