You were invaded, fired, went mad and died of dysentery (Gamerati News Update)

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Welcome to the Gamerati News Update for Thursday, July 28. I’m Marcelo and here are four news about gaming.

Fantasy Flight Games prepares a new edition of Mansions of Madness

This is the member of the Arkham Horror family of games that I play the least because of the Keeper/Game Master aspect. A lot of people complain about the setup time Mansions of Madness requires too. Well, FFG is addressing both issues and more in the upcoming second edition. Revised art, improved rules, new characters and a brand-new app that takes control of setup and straight up controls puzzle-solving and event generation.

If you own a copy of the first edition, all you need is an upcoming conversion kit that is cheaper than buying an entire new box. Masions of Madness 2nd edition hit stores exactly a week from now, on August 4th. MSRP $99.95. I couldn’t find the prince of the conversion kit but I bet we’ll know more until GenCon. If you do know how much it’s gonna cost or when it releases, please leave a comment below.

Pressman Games is releasing The Oregon Trail Card Game for those of you who miss dying of dysentery

Based on the old Apple computer video game that you probably played at school, in The Oregon Trail Card Game you start with cards listing you inicial supplies, such as food, clean water, bullets, clothes, medicine, and oxen. You draw cards that show your progress or the random hardships you face throughout your journey. There are also trail cards for towns and forts so you can pick up additional supplies, and also calamity cards, such as snake bites, broken wagon axles, extreme cold, and death from typhoid or dysentery. Along the way, your pioneers slowly die off until the last ones in the party make it to the end of the trail to win the game.

The Oregon Trail The Card Game also comes with laminated cards where you can list the names of the members of your party and a tombstone sheet where you write the names of those who died and what they died of. The game is a Target exclusive for 2–6 players and although it officially start sales next week, some Target stores have already put it up on shelves. MSRP $26.

Robotech RPG sees the return The Masters Saga Sourcebook

Palladium Books will re-release next month Robotech: The Masters Saga Sourcebook, originally published in 2009. Written by Jason Marker with art and mechanical designs by Nicholas Maradin, the sourcebook captures the era of the Second Robotech War and brings to life the iconic mecha of the Ajax, Hover Tank, Logan and Bioroids as well as breathes new power and information into the Army of the Southern Cross. It includes never before revealed designs and seldom seen art and info for ASC Battloids, power armor, vehicles and weapons, and more data about Earth’s fighting forces and the invading Robotech Masters.

This new print of The Masters Saga Sourcebook will be the standard Robotech RPG line 8.5” x 11”, which is slightly larger than the 2009 original. The interior black-and-white art has been remastered to get the deluxe treatment it deserves and has cover art by Apollo Okamura. This 160-page softcover has an MSRP is $20.95.

I’ll bring this show home with something for you F1 aficcionados out there. The upcoming F1 2016 by Codemasters will be even harder than it predecessors.

Apparently being a game considered tough by actual racecar drivers isn’t enough of a F1 racing simulation game for the people at Codemasters headquarters. A brand new damage system makes wear and tear increasingly realistic, while performance will be scrutinized to the point that you can even lose your drive. If you set up the damage system to the max, bits and pieces of your car can fall off and become debris that can do damage. Oh, and the formation lap is now manual, allowing you to manage tire and brake temperatures on your way to the starting grid.

About the losing your drive bit: if you don’t perform well, you can be fired from your team and find employment in a team lower down the grid. Those arrangements will take into account if your previous team has an engine deal with a less competitive team, for example. F1 2016 will be available starting August 19 and Codemasters will later release two updates that take into account developments in the current real-world F1 season. All for the sake of realism.

Alright, these are the news I had for your for this episode of Gamerati News Update. You can find links to all the news and a transcript down in the shownotes, where you can also find a conspicuous thumbsup button that I’ll really love if you hit. See you next show!

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