You won’t believe how good these gamers are (Gamerati News Update)

Featured Video Play Icon to the Gamerati News Update for Thursday, August 25. I’m Marcelo and here are four news about games and gaming.

The AbleGamers Charity has partnered with Twitch TV to launch a weeklong joint community spotlight series featuring disabled gamers!

It started Monday when speedrunner HalfCoordinated blasted through Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight on the insane difficulty, something most of us will never be able to do, but he did it having hemiparesis, a disability that weakens half of his body, so he speedran… spedrun… speedrunned…? Well, he went through the game under half-an-hour playing with one hand.

Each day highlights a new streamer, educating the community on how they overcome physical disabilities to excel at video games as they celebrate the joy of gaming, it doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not.

You can still watch DeafGamersTV today a 3 PM Pacific and CrippledKenny tomorrow at 6 PM. They’ll be featured on Twitch’s homepage, so you can’t miss it.

Prepare yourself for Aventuria, a collectible card game set in the world of the RPG The Dark Eye.

The Dark Eye, name in English for Das Schwarze Auge, is a German fantasy RPG first published in 1984 that a friend of mine who lives in Germany tells me, it’s more famous there than D&D. The game is virtually unknown in the US, but perhaps you heard or played a series of computer games and novels called Aventuria, later changed to Realms of Arkania. Aventuria is the main continent in The Dark Eye setting, and it’s the name of a CCG to be released this October in Germany by Ulisses Spiel and Paizo has confirmed they will distribute the game in the US.

Aventuria can be played competitively or cooperatively. Each player assumes the role of a fantasy character — dwarf smith, elven scout, half-elven rogue, or Tulamydian mage. You choose to use quick but weak cards, or bide your time and accrue more powerful attacks for later in the game.

When released, the box will come with 250 cards, 74 tokens, 4 hit-point displays, 9 fate points, 8 dice, a hero pad, and adventure booklet.  The game is for 1–4 players. MSRP $40.

Carcassonne sheds the fortified French town motif and goes to the rain forest with Carcassonne: Amazonas, by Z-Man Games.

Amazonas is a new standalone game in the Carcassonne universe. Instead of creating a mediterranean plain, you create a forest river as you put down your tiles. As the name conveys, in Carcassonne: Amazonas you and your friends explore the Amazon to discover the many animals that live there. Visit villages and walk along the many tributaries of the Amazon River. And this time, victory will require more than clever tile and meeple placements: you’ll need to stay ahead of the competition on the river itself.

As with the vanilla Carcassonne, Amazonas accepts 2-5 players. We don’t have an MSRP or release date yet, so stay tuned.

Asmodee adds a Halloween-themed game to the StoryLine series.

StoryLIne: Scary Tales is the second game in the series, after StoryLine: Fairy Tales. Scary Tales is a standalone game but it can be combined with Fairy Tales. This new boxed set includes 30 new narrator cards and 100 new story cards, as well as 21 tokens. In this simple, beautifully-illustrated card game, three to eight players create a spooky story together, with each player contributing characters, places, objects, and events to the narrative.

StoryLIne: Scary Tales plays in between 15–30 minutes. It’s made to be played with children ages 8 and up as well as adults. It’ll be in shelves in October, with time to get it for Halloween. MSRP $19.95

There you have it, four gaming news I found just for you this week. You can find links to all the stories and a transcript of this show down in the shownotes.

Something else I put there is a link to my podcast The Curators. Tomorrow is an add-on episode with more of my conversation with Sandy Petersen. Get to know why he came back to save Chaosium from itself and what’s next in his docket. Also, you should really check out his current Kickstarter, The Gods War. It’s awesome.

I’ll leave you now, but I’m back Monday with four more news about games and gaming. Have a great weekend, bye-bye!

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