Gen Con 2013 Photos & Videos

Help us document why it’s Good to be a Gamer during the Best Four Days in Gaming


We were planning to run a Kickstarter campaign to help us with some pre-Gen Con equipment upgrades, but Kickstarter would not let us offer the awesome Swag Bag of products, below. So, we’ve decided to do what any gamer does when the BBEG is not cooperating… improvise!

Here’s the video we’d made. It’s still applicable, even though it’ll never grace the Kickstarter site.

Some very generous publishers have provided a treasure of digital products for your gaming pleasure. If you donate at least $25 you will receive everything on this list (Total MSRP $506!):

  • 101 New Skill Uses from Rite Publishing
  • A Guide to Ambient Environments from Moon Tribe Studios
  • Adventure Quarterly #2 from Rite Publishing
  • Adventures in Oz: Fantasy Roleplaying Beyond the Yellow Brick Road from F. Douglas Wall Publishing
  • Aegis Project from John Wick Presents
  • Anointed: Mantle of the Gods from Dark Skull Studios
  • Barbarians of Lemuria: Legendary Edition from Beyond Belief Games
  • Basic Paths: Wrath of the Orc God from 0one Games
  • AL1: The Bone Hoard of the Dancing Horror (DCC) from Purple Duck Games
  • Book of Beasts: Monsters of the River Nations (PFRPG) from Jon Brazer Enterprises
  • Breaking the Ice from Black & Green Games
  • Capital City MP3 (from the Traveller’s Soundtrack) by Moon Tribe Studios
  • Castles & Crusades: DB1 Haunted Highland from Troll Lord Games
  • Colonial Gothic Second Edition from Rogue Games
  • Colonial Gothic: Poor Wizard’s Grimoire from Rogue Games (NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE)
  • Colonial Gothic: Gazetteer from Rogue Games
  • Colonial Gothic: New France from Rogue Games
  • Crime Network from Bedrock Games
  • A0: Crow’s Rest Island from Adventure A
  • d20Pro Deathmatch from d20Pro
  • Deep Blues: Victorian House from 0one Games
  • Devin Night’s 150+ MM creature tokens from d20Pro (EXCLUSIVE – NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE!)
  • Dungeon Crawling MP3 (from The Dungeon Crawler’s Soundtrack) by Moon Tribe Studios
  • Earthdawn Player’s Guide (Pathfinder RPG Edition) from FASA Games
  • Earthdawn Player’s Guide (Savage Worlds Edition) from FASA Games
  • Eldritch Skies from Battlefield Press
  • CE 1: The Falcate Idol (DCC) from Purple Duck Games
  • Fantasy Craft: The Darkest Hour from Crafty Games
  • Fantasy Craft: Call to Arms: Inquisitor from Crafty Games
  • Forest of the Fae MP3 (from the Adventurer’s Soundtrack) by Moon Tribe Studios
  • Hacking In MP3 (from the Cyberpunk Soundtrack) by Moon Tribe Studios
  • Hard Times in Dragon City by Matt Forbeck
  • Horror Show from Bedrock Games
  • Houses of the Blooded from John Wick Presents
  • Instant Antagonist: The Creepy Cottontail from Flames Rising Press
  • Interface Zero: Hostile Takeover from Gun Metal Games
  • Kaiser’s Gate from Battlefield Press
  • Kobolds’ Revenge from d20Pro
  • Legendary I: Legendary Blades (PFRPG) from Purple Duck Games
  • Lorefinder (PFRPG / GUMSHOE) from Pelgrane Press
  • Mutants & Masterminds Power Profile #31: Radiation Powers from Green Ronin Publishing
  • Mutants & Masterminds Threat Report #7: Mindfire from Green Ronin Publishing
  • Modern Floorplans: An Average Modern Pool Hall from Fabled Environments
  • Modern Floorplans: Arctic Research Station from Fabled Environments
  • Modern Floorplans: Summer Camp from Fabled Environments
  • My Monster from John Wick Presents
  • Netherell from Terra/Sol Games
  • New Gods of Mankind: New God’s Handbook from Dark Skull Studios
  • New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley from Miskatonic River Press
  • Open Anime from Battlefield Press
  • Pact Magic Unbound Vol. 1 from Radiance House Publishing
  • Part-Time Gods from Third Eye Games
  • Primeval Thule: Thule Traveler’s Guide (Release Date: December 2013)
  • Purple Mountain III: The Feasting (PFRPG) from Purple Duck Games
  • Realms of Terra Myrth from Moon Tribe Studios
  • The Rogue’s Rest Inn from Cartography Unlimited
  • Savage Suzerain Pocket Universe from Savage Mojo
  • Savage Worlds Deluxe from Pinnacle Entertainment Group
  • Servants of Gaius from Bedrock Games
  • The Slumbering Tsar 1-3 from Frog God Games
  • Spycraft 2.0 from Crafty Games
  • Tangents #1: The Barrow Mound from D3 Adventures
  • Terror Network: The Patriot Incident from Bedrock Games
  • Tome of Spell and Sword from Little Red Goblin Games
  • Twilight Sector Campaign Setting Sourcebook from Terra/Sol Games
  • Where is my Spellbook from Blackbyrne Publishing
  • Wild Cards SCARE Sheet 4: Righteous Djinn from Green Ronin Publishing
  • The Wyld Hunt by Delta14 Publishing

CURRENT TOTAL DONATED: $1,421. Thanks, everyone!

What The Money Will Go Toward

We did it! Thanks to your support, we’ve now ordered:

  • Two new batteries for our main camera.  It takes a long time to recharge batteries – time we can’t take photos or videos!
  • A couple new, higher-quality SD Cards. These will allow us to take better video and take more photos before we run out of storage.
  • A better lens so we don’t have to be right up on people to capture them on film (whatever that is).


Now that we’ve covered our equipment costs, any extra funds will help us defray the costs of bringing two people from Washington State to Gen Con. So far, we’ve covered:

  • The cost of flights for two people from SeaTac, WA to Indianapolis.

This Swag Bag for this Fundraiser is closed. We’d still love any help you care to provide by donating, but won’t be able to sent the game products to any future contributors.

Glad you asked. Once the Fundraiser ends, we’ll be sending out the files. We’d send them out immediately, but we keep adding more product to the Swag Bag, and we’d hate for people to miss the full list.

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