Trigger Happy (FATE)



Soldier’s Log: 195.3
The damp air and scorching heat of the jungle is oppressive. Rather, it would be, if it weren’t for my atmosphere regulated suit. But what is an issue is that infernal buzzing. It’s hard to tell how close it is. We just recently landed on Entrax, and were given very little information about the mission, other than kill anything that was not another soldier.

The Earthen Army is run on two main principles: individuality is dangerous, and unnecessary information is even more so. The commanders call me TH-290. Soldiers are of course determined at birth, given such “labels” (I hesitate to call it a name), and raised by the government. And truly, the government generally is successful in turning their soldiers into killing machines who don’t ask too many questions. But once in a while, a rebellious streak makes it through the cracks.

I don’t like TH-290. I tell my men to call me “Trigger Happy.” I think it suits me.

I am a deadly soldier. I get the job done. It’s not always pretty, but it’s efficient.

Soldier’s Log: 195.4
A cloud of massive… I want to say, insects… poured from the jungle and came down on us like a torrent of rain on Targon 6. They were huge, with massive barbed stingers. I, of course, fought like a damned champion, but many of the men got taken out. This might be the most dangerous mission I’ve been on yet. One of the others is accounting for survivors. From the looks of things, there are only a few.

Soldier’s Log: 195.5
Things don’t look good. Our only mode of transportation and communication with the fleet was destroyed in the attack. Luckily, we have enough ammunition and medical supplies to last a short time, but we’re going to have to move and try to find another squadron on the surface. One of the others, a new soldier, goes by SL-832, is crouched on the ground. I could hear the sounds of soft crying through the local COMS system. I remember my first mission outside of training. I was terrified. I helped him off the ground and told him to stand like a soldier, shoving his rifle in his chest.

We need to move, before we get eaten too.

character sheet and backstory by Mike Hourigan
art by Júlio Cesar Oliveira Rocha

Download FATE Character Sheet PDF

Name: TH-290 “Trigger Happy”

Refresh: 3

High Concept: Earth’s Deadliest Soldier
Trouble: Rules Just Get In the Way
Other Aspects: A Damned Good Shot, Been Across the Known Universe, I’ve Survived Much Worse

Great (+4): Physique
Good (+3): Athletics, Shoot
Fair (+2): Fight, Notice, Will
Average (+1): Lore, Rapport, Drive, Craft

Tricked Out Plasma Rifle: Trigger Happy’s rifle has undergone some modifications that allow them to use it in melee as well as range. They get a +2 to fight checks when attacking with the plasma bayonet.

Inspiring Presence: Trigger Happy’s reputation as a soldier tends to inspire those around them. Once per session, they can create an advantage using will that each ally within their zone can invoke once for free.

Mow them Down: Trigger Happy was given their name for a reason. When Trigger Happy succeeds with style on a “Shoot” check, they may spend a fate point to continue attacking with “Shoot.” They may continue to do this until they fail to succeed with style.

Physical: 4
Mental: 3


Trigger Happy and the Earthen Army are open for your gaming enjoyment. Feel free to create new locations, conflicts and characters. Use this as a seed for your own game, and make an galaxy to defend. Send me an email with your creations and/or thoughts.


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